COVID-19 has turned the world upside down as we know it. It’s impossible to go through a day without hearing news about the spread and potential worldwide impact of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are hopeful that as COVID-19 continues to be prevalent around the world, diligence and compassionate care will help bring a swift resolution to those affected.

How can businesses protect their staff and their consumers? 

To support the fight against COVID-19 and help businesses protect their staff and consumers, we’ve sourced a number of PPE supplies through our FDA registered and trusted supply chain. From branded or unbranded items like face masks, to hand sanitizer, to signage, we have everything you need to protect your staff as well as your consumers. 

In addition to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items, below are some of the most important items for keeping your employees and customers safe.

Countertop Safety Shields

floor signage

Provides physical separation between employees and customers to help maintain social distance. These safety shields offer practical protection and act as a barrier to keep your consumers safe. Easy to assemble with a bottom slot for pass-through.

Removable Adhesive Floor Signage

Grab attention or provide instructions for consumers with this removable adhesive floor signage. This temporary floor or wall decal is designed to work on a variety of surface types, even carpet.

Window Clings

Paired with in-store signage, window clings are perfect for informing customers of new rules in accordance with social distancing as they enter your business.

window signage

Branded Masks

Protect yourself in style! In addition to disposable masks, we are now offering branded cloth masks with your logo. Protect your employees, keep your consumers safe, and promote your brand all at the same time. Check out the CDC’s guidelines on cloth face masks for proper use.

Face Shields 

In addition to branded masks, face shields are another effective method in stopping viral spread and protecting your consumers. Face shields are endlessly reusable and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or disinfectants. Face shields also allow for visibility of facial expressions and lip movements while maintaining social distancing. 

If you have any PPE needs, please contact us for more information or a quote.