Can I get a samples of Outtathebox products?2019-12-02T09:54:46-05:00

Yes you can, simply contact us or you can call us at 1-937-221-7828.

Where can dispensers be placed?2016-12-05T15:23:32-05:00

Our dispensers can be placed on wire racks, counters, end caps, shipper displays, end-aisle displays, refrigerated cases, freezer doors, and many more places. We offer several types of attachments to make dispensers more versatile.

What types of shelving attachments do you offer? How do they attach?2016-12-05T15:11:27-05:00

Our patented strap method offers the fastest, most secure attachment in the industry. In addition, we offer shelf channel clips, tape, and scan hooks.

What is the normal delivery time?2016-12-05T15:20:30-05:00

Our standard delivery is 3 to 4 weeks after approval.

Can I get a mockup of my custom artwork?2016-12-05T15:19:45-05:00

Yes! Simply call us at 1-800-979-9016 and ask to speak with your Sales Representative.

Who designs my custom artwork?2016-12-05T15:12:37-05:00

You have several options. Our in-house graphic designers can create art for you for an hourly fee, or you (or your agency) can use our convenient art templates create your own artwork.

Can you ship to multiple locations?2016-12-05T15:21:11-05:00

Yes! We can drop ship per your instructions for an additional charge per location.

Who installs the boxes from Outta the Box?2019-12-02T09:55:13-05:00

In most cases, customers install their own boxes. Sales representatives or brokers often perform this function. There are also outside detail firms that specialize in installing our product line. For more information, please contact us.

Are there any retail chains that will not accept Outta the Box coupon dispensers?2016-12-05T15:24:37-05:00

Unfortunately, yes. While our products are versatile enough to work in nearly any setting, some retail customers sign exclusive contracts that limit the vendors / products they allow in store. Please contact your retailer for details.

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