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Use the Dual Dispensing POP’nSell to double your impact by including multiple messages, such as dual coupons, a coupon and recipe, info and entry form, and more.

  • Any backer size is available with Dual Dispenser sheets. Both sheets are 4″W x 3″H.

Watch this in action

Outta The Box Products: Dual Dispensing POP’nSell in use

When you combine the Re-Stix© back card with No Error Dispensing™ custom printed sheets in the Dual Dispensing POP’nSell Dispensing System, you get three powerful features to help you lift your product sales:

  • Custom printed sheets
  • Re-Stix© Back Panel
  • Clear Dispenser Stock
  • Weather resistant paper stock now available
  • 4-color process and spot color printing
  • Dual Dispenser Sheets
  • Clear or opaque backer
  • Hard card stock